our skills

Finest Ingredients
and our light and simple pairings ensure an authentic italian dining experience.
Attention to Detail
and a creative interpretation of Italian classics set us apart in a sea of mediocre Italian restaurants.
Passionate Cooking
ensures Enzo's signature dishes will be consistently served to his specifications.

Enzo Domenic

Enzo Domenic led many five-star establishments across the East Coast since arriving in the United States in 1998, and continues his reputation as a shining star in the Adirondack culinary scene, serving as exeutive chef for Domenics at Treadwell Bay Marina & Resort.
He is the former owner of the San Marino restaurant in Rouses Point which, sadly, was wiped out by a flood. Now Enzo has carried his signature dishes to Domenic's at Treadwell Bay Marina & Resort, and many of his loyal customers have followed. Enzo and his staff will warmly greet you and treat you like family as you dine with us. See for yourself, visit today - observe our satisfied customers, many of which are loyal repeat guests, shaking hands in appreciation for a wonderful meal. And don't forget to sample our famous Sambuca (an Italian anise liqueur) which Enzo makes himself.